Why use us?

There are many solicitors who may be willing to assist you in connection with reputation management or defamation (libel or slander) proceedings. However, there are 6 compelling reasons why you should instruct Magill Solicitors.

  1. We do not charge for an initial case assessment and will only accept an instruction if we believe that we can add value to the situation and provide you with genuine assistance.
  2. We are experts in pursuing defamation (both libel and slander) claims and have a superior track record in this area of the law.
  3. As a firm with deep expertise in this area we can assess your case quickly and efficiently.
  4. We have a network of highly skilled Barristers and other experts that we can reach out to where additional expertise is needed (to maximise your chances of success). Often it is possible for us to obtain an initial view from these experts without any initial cost to you.
  5. We are based in Leicester and Birmingham, central to United Kingdom, and therefore easily accessible to clients all over the United Kingdom. We also act for clients who are based outside the UK and need assistance to take action in the UK under English law.
  6. We are happy to travel to you at no cost to discuss your case.